2017            Ohio University | MFA | Sculpture + Expanded Practices | Athens, OH
                          (studied with Lori Esposito, Duane McDiarmid, Laura Larson, Brad Schwieger)

2013            Kent State University | BFA | Sculpture | Psychology Minor | Kent, OH
                          (studied with Isabel Farnsorth, Paul O’Keeffe)

2012              Blossom Art Program | Summer | Visiting Artists: Christine Bourdette, Richard Rezac | Kent, OH
                      New York Travel Study | Spring | Studio visit: David Reed | NYC
                      New York Travel Study | Fall | Studio Visit: David Humphrey | NYC



Instructor of Record + Co-Teaching

2019   Drawing II | Spring | Pitt Community College
                        This course continues instruction in the language of drawing and the use of various
                        materials. Emphasis is placed on experimentation in the use of drawing techniques, media,
                        and graphic materials. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate increased
                        competence in the expressive use of graphic form and techniques. 

Art Appreciation | Spring | Pitt Community College
                        This course introduces the origins and historical development of art. Emphasis is placed on the
                        relationship of design principles to various art forms including but not limited to sculpture, painting,
                        and architecture. Upon completion, students should be able to identify and analyze a variety of artistic
                        styles, periods, and media. 

  Art Appreciation | Spring | Pitt Community College

2018            Drawing I | Fall | Pitt Community College
                        This course introduces the language of drawing and the use of various drawing materials. Emphasis
                        is placed on drawing techniques, media, and graphic principles. Upon completion, students should
                        be able to demonstrate competence in the use of graphic form and various drawing processes.

   Art Appreciation | Fall | Pitt Community College

                    Art Appreciation | Fall | Pitt Community College

                    Drawing II | Spring | Pitt Community College

                    Art Appreciation (Hybrid Course) | Spring | Pitt Community College

                    Art Appreciation (Hybrid Course) | Spring | Pitt Community College

2017            Image | Spring | Ohio University
                        Students explore the importance of composition, color theory, concept, abstraction, and criticism through         
                        performance, digital and analog photographic processes, painting/drawing, and video. This is a cross-disciplinary
                        studio art Foundations course that emphasized how similar concerns and principles from other disciplines can be
                        applied to Image, alternative ways in which Image can function, and how to merge traditional and contemporary
                        modes of image-making.

2016            Co-Teaching with Audrey Shakespear: Structure | Fall | Ohio University
                        Structure students learn basic techniques of how to convert a 2D image into a 3D object, how to imply rhythm or
                        movement within a piece, and explore building as it can be applied to physical, conceptual, spatial, and contextual
                        sculpture.  Students learn these techniques through performance, vinyl and laser cutting technology, soft sculpture,
                        traditional drawing, hand building, and mold making.

Graduate Teaching Assistant + Online Facilitator

2016              Art & Hip Hop | assisting John Sabraw | Spring | Ohio University
                          Hip Hop culture has profoundly influenced art since the 1970s. Hip hop has given voice to new art forms and new
                          approaches to existing artistic practices. Its underlying concepts have been adapted worldwide into art unique to
                          diverse geographic and cultural locales. Art and Hip Hop will explore this phenomenon within the context of traditional  
                          and contemporary art, polyculturalism and multiculturalism, activism and politics, gender, and race.

2015              Seeing & Knowing | assisting Courtney Kessel | Fall | Ohio University
                          Introduction to perceiving and understanding meanings and organizational systems in traditional and contemporary
                          visual arts in context of their social and cultural backgrounds.

                      Structure | assisting Mark Franz | Spring | Ohio University

2014              Function | assisting April Felipe | Spring | Ohio University
                          Function explores the physical, metaphorical, and cultural significance of art’s function, the relationship of the
                          artist/designer to tools as a vehicle for problem solving, and the many roles of the artist/designer in society. This is a
                          cross-disciplinary studio art Foundations course emphasizing how similar concerns and principles can be applied to
                          a variety of forms, materials, and traditions.      

Related Experience

2019 Freelance Photographer | Bandit Design Studios | Greenville, NC

2017-2018    Commercial Photographer | Vidant Medical Center | Greenville, NC

2015              Foundations Assistant | Ohio University

2014-2017     Wood Shop Monitor
                      Sculpture Studio Monitor

2013-2014     Studio Assistant | Isabel Farnsworth



2019 Honorable Mention | Alternative Processes and Integrated Media Competition

2017              Honorable Mention | ND Awards Juried Online Exhibition

2016              Certified Online Facilitator | eLearning

2014              First Place Sculpture Award Winner | Westmoreland Art Nationals Juried Exhibition
                      Youngstown Area Federation of Women’s Club Award | YWC 32nd Annual Juried Art Exhibition

2014-2017     Full Graduate Tuition Waiver | Ohio University (renewed each semester)
                       Full Graduate Assistantship Stipend | Ohio University (renewed each semester)

2009-2013     Trustee Scholarship | Kent State University (renewed each semester)



2019 Solo Exhibition | Erwin Gallery | Greenville, NC

2018            Alternative Processes and Integrated Media Competition | Texas Photographic Society | Juror: Christopher James | Plano, TX
Art House Greenville | Greenville, NC
Alternative Process Exhibition | Soho Photo Gallery NY, NY | Juror Dan Burkholder
Don't Take Pictures | Lumen Print Online Exhibition
                     Pitt Community College Faculty Exhibition | Winterville, NC
                     Something From Here | Reedsburg, WI

2017             ND Awards | Online Exhibition
                     Kent State University Alumni Show | Kent, OH
We Are Cradled by Worry Stones and Rabbits’ Feet | MFA Thesis Exhibition | Athens, OH

2016             Athens Voices | Jurors: Darryl Halbrooks, Marcy Nighswander, and Tatiana Verneruso | Athens, OH
                     Gallery Tally | Group exhibition organized by Micol Hebron | Traveling show
                     Arising | Group exhibition organized by Yoko Ono | Reykjavik, Iceland
                     Toil and Trouble | Jurors: Hunter Elliot and Erin Miller | Toledo, OH
                     Off Topic | Rio Grande, OH
                     Self and Self Portraits | Juror: Andrew Overtoom | LA, CA
                     Of Myth, Bone, and Memory | Juror: Stephen Perloff | Grand Forks, ND

2015              TWO | Athens, OH
                      ONE | Athens, OH

2014              Westmoreland Art Nationals Juried Exhibition | Latrobe, PA
                      YWCA 32nd Annual Juried Art Exhibition | Youngstown, OH
                      VMRC 11th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition | Jurors: William H. Bennett, Ron Boehmer, Jan Knipe, Sylvia Yount |      
                      Harrisonburg, VA

2013              TRANSCEND | Kent, OH
                      Trumbull Art Gallery Juried Photography Exhibition | Trumbull, OH
                      Kent State School of Art 66th Student Annual | Juror: Alexandra Nichols Coon | Kent, OH

2012              Kent State SOA 65th Student Annual | Juror: Amy Craft | Kent, OH
                      Blossom: Group Exhibition | Kent, OH



2019  The Art Lab | Resident Artist | Greenville, NC

2018             Artist in Residence | Wormfarm Institute | Reedsburg, WI

2017             Time as Structure: Endurance and Performance Art Lecture | Image | Ohio University

2016             Artist Talk | Seeing and Knowing | Ohio University
                     TLC (performance) | Ohio University
                      It’s More Like Mentally Desisting (performance) | Ohio University

2015              Monkey Mask and a Morgue (performance) | Ohio University                                     
                      Mold-Making: Process Presentation | Structure | Ohio University

2014              Artist Talk | Ohio University



2019               SPE 56th Annual National Conference | The Myths of Photography and the American Dream | Cleveland, OH

 2018              Studio 9 Artist Collective | Greenville, NC

2017-present Emerge Gallery member | Greenville, NC

2016-2017     Majestic Gallery member | Nelsonville, OH

2016               International Sculpture Conference - Sculpture in Context: Tradition and Innovation | Keynote Speaker: Diana Al-Hadid | Carnegie Mellon University |
                       Pittsburgh, PA

2015              CNC Router Operator Workshop | Rhino, TorqueMate | Athens, OH
                      Sculpture X Symposium | Keynote Speaker: Sheila Pepe | Wayne State University | Detroit, MI



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